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Post Coronavirus Video Productions: What will happen now?

Things are changing, there is no doubt about that. One of the major industries that will get hit will be live video productions. Creating a high quality video production cannot be done with just a few people, it takes a lot of crew who are excellent at their jobs to bring the project to life.

What is happening now? Well, unions, production houses and producers have now set up certain protocols that have to be followed to the “T” in order to keep everybody safe. What does that mean in your bottom line as the customer? This will essentially bring your cost higher than an already high cost process.

An example of this now is that each production needs to hire an Epidemiologist on set to brief and make sure everybody gets tested and everybody is in a safe working environment which is one of our top priorities as a video content production house.

The additional cost of testing, additional cleanup crew and the constant headaches of danger lurking on what is yet to be know about this virus is going to take its toll on the crew and client. Maybe you can get away if you’re a big brand with high video marketing budgets but this doesn’t sit well with businesses that have bootstrap budgets and want to maximize their ROI.

So, what now?

This is where animation and mixed media will take a driver’s seat and lead the charge in keeping your brand in front of people. It’s in our opinion the best way in both productions and budgets are concerned, the most reliable way for your video marketing needs.

What is mixed media? Mixed media is when you use pre-shot video footage with text and graphic animations or even infographics. You can still have the live action be part of your video but not needing to deal with the whole protocols of filming them yourself.

Animation is great for your business! You can use them as explainer videos, product demos, brand stories or even tutorials and not to mention they’re perfect for explaining complex ideas and making them visually understandable.

The best part about using animation for your business is that your crew does not need to be on set! Everybody, from your director, writers, illustrators, animators can be working remote: safe and no more headaches.

When creating live action videos we are sometimes constrained with our imagination as some locations are just too expensive and additionally creating visual effects is a long process plus an expensive cost!

In Conclusion…

In 2D animation, your imagination is truly your only limit – we’re not saying that creating the Avengers was not possible, but do you know that budget they had for that movie? HUNDEREDS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN DOLLARS.

You can absolutely still film live action videos and it will never die but what you need to ask yourself is can you tell your story in animation? If you answer yes, then there it is.

We are Mikanika Digital Solutions! We love creating Engaging Video Content and Creative Animations to our clients that delivers the right message to your audience. Learn more about us here.

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